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Get More Sales with New Method

Here’s an idea for you. This idea can close more business for you simply by using Instagram. Imagine, your with a potential customer and they have quotes from 5 other builders or your a real estate agent trying to get a listing an they have 15 other agents crawling all over them for the listing. You pull out one simple…

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Warning: Are Your Competitors Doing this to You?

What? Local Contractor Dialed His Own Number and was Connected to Competitor’s Voicemail… Recently I read a story about a contractor named Don… Don a contractor in New Jersey called the number had on his lead page they created for him. To his shock, he was connected to his competitor’s voicemail. What?!?!? $*@# So how can you protect yourself?…

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The World’s Strangest Way to Triple Your Business

Have you heard the story about Pop Star Ariana Grande? Last week this pop star walks into Wolfee’s Donuts and starts licking the donuts. It all gets caught on tape… Then uploaded to Youtube… And the video goes viral. This donut licker literally tripled the business for Wolfee’s Donuts. The point here– Is this, not only should you probably not…

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Throw Out Your Business Card… Here’s Why

Your probably saying “no” “No way I’m throwing it out” Well here’s why you should. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know business has changed huge. Along with those changes INCLUDE that business card. I always thought it was strange at the end of a networking event I would here people say “how many business cards did you…

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Best Kept Facebook Secret Revealed

This secret I can almost guarantee you have never heard. If you choose to use it know that you will see a huge response for your business. This works very well if your using direct mail and Facebook. What is it? …. Here’s how it works. You have to setup your target market in Facebook and then… Setup 25 ads…

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[Traffic Problem] Solve This First Before You Lose Big

A question I get asked often… “How do I get more traffic, visitors, eyeballs to my website? Well, the first thing I ask is before you getting more traffic, visitors, eyeballs to your website… “How much traffic can your website hold before it crashes and you lose out on hundreds maybe ever 1000’s of dollars in sales?” The answer I…

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